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Daily Archives: June 12, 2018

E3: Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate battle-tested

Hands-on with Super Smash Bros Ultimate and two of its new characters at the E3 games expo

Trump Kim summit: North Korean media celebrates meeting

State media focuses on US concessions and says the US president intends to lift sanctions.

Australia sexual abuse: PM accepts landmark inquiry proposals

Tens of thousands of children suffered sexual abuse in institutions, an investigation had found.

China’s telco giant ZTE sees shares collapse 39%

ZTE's shares commence trading again in China after the firm reaches a deal with US.

E3: Battlefield V creator resists gender attacks

The developer of the WWII game dismisses criticism of it placing a woman on the war's front line.

Letter from Africa: Why has Nigeria rejected paternity leave?

Many scoff at paternity leave in Nigeria but lifestyles are changing.

The sacked colonel who changed gay rights in Israel

When the Israeli Army punished Colonel Uzi Even for being gay, he fought back.

One in five UK mammals at risk of extinction

The red squirrel, the wildcat, and the grey long-eared bat face severe threats, a study says.

Five things Saudi women still can’t do

So Saudi women can now drive and watch football, but as Megha Mohan reports, some things are still off limits.

Children exposed to horror film ads on YouTube

Parents complained after ads for the 15-rated film were shown before Frozen, Lego and Minecraft videos.