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Daily Archives: July 8, 2018

Ozone hole mystery: China insulating chemical said to be source of rise

A banned chemical used to make household insulation is implicated in damage to the ozone layer.

Electric cars: New-build homes could be fitted with charge points

Hundreds of thousands more charge points could be installed under plans from the transport secretary.

Maedeh Hojabri: Iran women dance in support of arrested teen

Eighteen-year-old Maedeh Hojabri was detained for posting videos of herself dancing on Instagram.

How WhatsApp has helped heroin become Mozambique’s second biggest export

As many as 40 tonnes of heroin could be passing through Mozambique every year, in a trade that is boosted by the use of...

This Syrian man has been stuck in an airport for months

Hassan al-Kontar wanted to avoid Syria's civil war. He ended up stranded at Kuala Lumpur airport.

Eritrea and Ethiopia to re-establish diplomatic ties

Leaders agree to set up embassies in their respective capitals after almost 20 years of hostility.

‘It’s all propaganda, Russian people are the best!’ – Croatia fan on World Cup...

A Croatia fan in Russia for the World Cup has described as “propaganda” scaremongering headlines about Russia, and hailed the country, its people,...

‘And there was still 100 minutes to go in the game’: Russia posts pic...

Russia's defender Ilya Kutepov played most of his team's epic extra-time thriller against Croatia with a grotesquely swollen foot, the team has revealed...