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Daily Archives: July 10, 2018

Were the Romans the first whale hunters?

Whale bones unearthed at Roman ruins suggest whales were present around the shores of the Roman Empire.

China says it is ‘shocked’ by US actions in trade dispute

Beijing described Washington's latest tariff threat on $200bn of imports as "totally unacceptable."

Thailand cave rescue: ‘Tiny bit of hope became reality’

In an exclusive BBC interview, the head of the Thai navy seals describes his relief following the successful cave rescue operation.

Cave rescue: ‘Hope became reality’ says Navy Seal chief

The boys and their coach are recovering well, officials say, and soon can return home.

‘Totally unacceptable’: Beijing vows retaliation if US taxes $200bn of Chinese goods

The Chinese commerce ministry has slammed the US plan to impose tariffs on additional imports worth some $200 billion as totally unacceptable, promising...

Qin Yongmin: Prominent Chinese dissident jailed for 13 years

Qin Yongmin, 64, is a veteran democracy campaigner who was convicted of "subversion of state power".

Sacha Baron Cohen ‘dupes’ Sarah Palin for new TV series

Sarah Palin calls the Borat star "truly sick" for posing as a wounded military veteran.

The doctor who chose to stay

The expert caver gave the OK for the boys to dive their way out and was among the last to leave.

How artificial intelligence is transforming tennis

Click goes to Wimbledon to see how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in tennis.

Sharp Objects writer Gillian Flynn on why she wants to show recognisable women

Gone Girl and Sharp Objects author Gillian Flynn wants to see "every kind of woman" represented.