4 Eco-Friendly Travel Snacks & Food Hacks

We all want to change the world, but sometimes things are too big for us to control as individuals. With these eco-friendly, and vegan, easy travel tips you can actually do your part to make a difference! Check out these food related products that are guaranteed to make you the hit of the trip, while still protecting Mother Nature!

1. Bring Low Waste Snacks Along

We all get the munchies from time to time, and being on vacation is no different. Snacks can give you just the boost you need while you’re out and about, and are so easy to sneak into a bag. And luckily, there are so many new vegan snack options out there that are perfect for those who want to limit the negative environmental impact they make. Here are some of the best choices to take with you on your next trip: ​

  • The company ReGrained took leftover grains from beer brewing companies, and using all the good nutrients, created a tasty treat. Though one of their bars does contain honey, making it non-vegan, their other bars are! Try their Blueberry Sunflower Saison Antioxidant Bar for a nice pick me up. The snack also comes in a compostable wrapper so you won’t have worry about plastic waste. It’s not just good for you, it's also good for the planet!
  • Alter Eco’s products, with a pretty self-explanatory name, also comes in a biodegradable plant-based packaging. Try some of their many vegan delicacies, like the deep dark sea salt bar made from organic materials and Ecuadorian cocoa. Yum!
  • For the late afternoon, try Tea Drops. They make a wide variety of flavored hot tea mixes, with recyclable biodegradable packaging. Double whammy, the tea is also infused with organic raw cane sugar – eliminating your need for sweetener packages. Supply yourself with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated selections for every mood!
  • Just Foods has an awesome substitute for your salty cravings. Their partnership with Vegan Cuts helped to create a delicious collection of raw veggie chips in multiple flavors, packaged in recyclable materials.
  • Lifefood also has excellent choices to pack. Not only are they organically vegan, they are also gluten-free. They offer a wide variety of different flavors in fruit bars, breakfast grains, chocolate bars and so much more! Every part of their packaging, from stickers to wrapping, is recyclable and compostable.

2. Opt for Reusable Containers

There are also ways to bring fresh snacks along with you. Check out these handy portable dispensers that are guaranteed to keep your food fresh, and are completely reusable:

  • This eco-friendly centered company has created food wraps, made from renewable materials. Khala’s Cloths are a great alternative to harmful shrink/plastic wraps. They keep your food fresh for days to come, and can be purchased in vegan materials here. Not only are they super cute, they’re also reusable, recyclable and biodegradable – even packaging! As certified members in organizations for keeping the earth green, they even donate 1% of profits to environmental non-profits and agencies. A win for all!

  • Going for a hike or a picnic or just want to keep your food fresh during the day? Try one of Eco Lunchbox’s stainless steel or silicone containers. Small, plastic-free, and light-weight they have so many different options that are perfect for your day out.
  • Stasher offers a collection of different sized bags made from naturally made silicone and are perfect for food and snack transportation. They are seal-able, flexible and reusable for freezable items, heat-able items and snacks!

  • Sometimes it’s inevitable for us to not use water bottles. Perhaps you’re making a hiking trek and aren’t able to refill your reusable bottle right away, or aren’t in a location with drinkable tap water. Instead carry a couple of Cove’s 100% biodegradable water bottle. The bottle is algae-based, and can be reused for up to 6 months without decomposing. Once it is thrown away, or composted, the bottle breaks down into organic waste that does not leave behind harmful residue. Look for them coming soon

3. Use Straw Alternatives

Plastic straws are harmful to many aspects of our environment and sea life. They’re also one of the easiest things we have to opportunity to change. Instead of plastic bring some of these small, affordable alternatives with you and let your waiter know your waiter know you’re good to go:

  • Who knew you could make a straw out of such unlikely resources? Straws made from pasta are the next big thing in decreasing the use of plastic straws. The Amazing Pasta Straw has a great alternative that is vegan and gluten free. Not only that, but a used pasta straws decomposes almost overnight within without leaving behind toxins. Buy a large bulk batch and use them for years to come. Plus, and we wouldn’t judge, they make a handy snack if the need arises!
  • Bamboo straws take up little space to take with you and though they’re a bit more pricey, they last for years. Brush With Bamboo makes a biodegradable, organic and reusable bamboo straw substitute. Although the straws are hand-made, they are made in waste-free facilities with happy, healthy workers.
  • Hay Straws also offer sustainable straw material through the use of wheat plants. Made from the stem of a wheat plant, they are 100% biodegradable and gluten free. Not only a good alternative for the environment, they also use plastic-free packaging.

Still not a fan of the disposables? Try glass or metal straws that you can clean and use again:

  • Vegan Straws has a various selection of reusable straws in forms of Eco Vitrum glass and stainless steel. They come with cleaning kits, carrying cases and so much more. Materials are all recyclable and sustainable, even shipping. But wait, it gets better – for a limited time use the code ‘worldvegantravel10’ for 10% off your entire purchase!
  • Another glass straw possibility, among other items, is from Simply Straw. Each straw is made from organic, non toxic and recyclable materials. They have different sizes and shapes for different types of drinks, as well as accessories and cases for each of them. Simply Straw also works with several non-profits for many causes, and donates a percentage of sales with each purchase you make of their Straws for Cause merchandise. If that still doesn’t sway you, they have a lifetime guarantee an all straw products!

4. Carry Compact Utensils

While stainless steel utensils aren’t as harmful for the environment as plastic, as they are washed and reused in restaurants, it’s always nice to be prepared for those rare times when metal silverware isn’t an option. Whether you’re on the go and stopping for a quick snack, or visiting a food festival – say no to plastic silverware and use these eco-friendly utensil options instead:

  • Herbivore Clothing offers a handy option in their partnership of the To-Go Ware Utensil Set. You’ll get a spoon, fork and knife, 2 chopsticks and a super practical utensil holder. While the utensils are made from renewable bamboo, the holder is made from recycled plastic bottles, so a win all the way. This collection is so small, you’ll hardly know it’s in your bag.
  • If you’re looking for something stronger, try Lux and Eco’s NUMU Wooden Cutlery Set. This set includes a fork, spoon and 2 chopsticks made from wood and meant to be sturdy enough to reuse for a long time. It’s biodegradable, heat resistant and coated in non-toxic food grade wood oil.
  • Fit AliExpress’ Folding, Travel, Camping Utensil right in your pocket! This item has a pocket knife feel and is multitool functioning. Each comes with a retracting fork, spoon and knife/can opener in a collection of colorful options, so it’s hard to misplace. Made with stainless steel, it’s easy to clean and reuse over and over again.
  • Transitions 2 Earth has designed 100% biodegradable cutlery that decomposes in landfills via microbes. This company offers a collection of different utensils in large packs, as well as other kitchen products. Stick a handful in your bag on your way out, and never miss an occasion to taste test.

* In full disclosure, World Vegan Travel does not own any of the listed products or companies and is not receiving any profit from the recommendation or purchase of these products.

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