Feels Like Summer: Celeb cameos in Donald Glover’s new video

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Feels Like Summer: Celeb cameos in Donald Glover's new video

Image Copyright ChildishGambinoVEVO ChildishGambinoVEVO Report

Childish Gambino has dropped his latest video and, much like This Is America, it's got fans talking.

Unlike his last hit though, the video for Feels Like Summer doesn't feature any violence and isn't being dissected by people looking for a message.

Instead, it's the impressive number of animated cameos from Donald Glover's fellow musicians that has excited people.

Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, a crying Kanye West and plenty more appear in the video, which was illustrated by Justin Richburg.

Appearances from 21 Savage, Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, Kodak Black and the Migos kick off the video.

But the celebrity cameos that come a bit later on are the ones that have been talked about the most.

Travis Scott ruins Nicki Minaj's day

Image Copyright @Kehlanisdestiny @Kehlanisdestiny Report
Twitter post by @Kehlanisdestiny: This scene in Childish Gambino’s new video made me SCREAM ???? #feelslikesummer Image Copyright @Kehlanisdestiny @Kehlanisdestiny Report

It's been pretty well documented that things haven't been going to plan for Nicki Minaj recently.

And one of the people she's blamed for that is Travis Scott.

When Nicki's album Queen failed to get to number one in the US on its first week of release, despite strong sales, she claimed that Travis Scott and girlfriend Kylie Jenner were using their baby Stormi to help promote Astroworld – which sat at number one.

Image Copyright @NICKIMINAJ @NICKIMINAJ Report
Twitter post by @NICKIMINAJ: I put my blood sweat & tears in writing a dope album only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling ppl to come see her & Stormi. lol. Im actually laughing. #Queen broke the record of being number 1 in 86 countries. Thank Jesus & thank you to my fans. Image Copyright @NICKIMINAJ @NICKIMINAJ Report

Unfortunately for Nicki, things don't seem much improved in this fictional world, with Travis making her toy house fall apart.

Drake's stolen bike

Image Copyright @LumberShnazz @LumberShnazz Report
Twitter post by @LumberShnazz: Wow, this “Feels Like Summer” video really feels like summer coming to a close. Thanks @donaldglover  Image Copyright @LumberShnazz @LumberShnazz Report

One scene in the video sees Drake chasing after Future, who's riding away mischievously on a bike.

Your guess is as good as ours on this one.

Image Copyright @CraigSJ @CraigSJ Report
Twitter post by @CraigSJ: I'm dying at the part with Drake chasing Future. Image Copyright @CraigSJ @CraigSJ Report

Crying Kanye comforted by Michelle

Image copyright Donald Glover/YouTube

Kanye West has hardly been out of the headlines this year, with many feeling like he has questions to answer following some controversial tweets and outbursts.

He partially answered those recently, but it seems he's still sad in Donald's cartoon world.

Luckily for him, Michelle Obama was on hand to share some love.

Some people felt quite moved by the scene.

Image Copyright @beardious @beardious Report
Twitter post by @beardious: The Kid Cudi and Michelle Obama hugging Kanye got to me, not going to lie. Image Copyright @beardious @beardious Report

While others were just a little confused.

Image Copyright @golfmichellee @golfmichellee Report
Twitter post by @golfmichellee: Can some please answer why Michelle Obama is hugging a crying Kanye West who is wearing a MAGA hat in Childish Gambino’s music video Image Copyright @golfmichellee @golfmichellee Report

Beyonce's angelic

Image copyright Donald Glover/YouTube

Beyonce and Donald Glover are set to appear together in the live-action remake of The Lion King – but before that they've both appeared in this surreal video.

Queen Bey's wearing a shirt in tribute to Chicago drill rapper Fredo Santana, who died unexpectedly at the beginning of the year.

Meek Mill, Pusha T and Lil Wayne are terrorised

Image copyright Donald Glover/YouTube

Lil Wayne and Pusha T historically don't get on, and given Drake's past beef with Meek it's fair to say Weezy and the Philadelphia rapper probably wouldn't be the best of friends either.

But they're united here, as two people who appear to be Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd set upon them with super soakers.

J. Cole to the rescue

Image copyright Donald Glover/YouTube

Rae Sremmurd were no match for J. Cole's hose pipe though.

Elsewhere in the video were people thought to be Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Lil Yachty, as well as Solange, SZA and Janelle Monae.

And it's fair to say people enjoyed seeing them all.

Image Copyright @CesarIvanRobl11 @CesarIvanRobl11 Report
Twitter post by @CesarIvanRobl11: Love seeing all these artists just hanging out and no drama, wish it could be like that in the real world Image Copyright @CesarIvanRobl11 @CesarIvanRobl11 Report

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