Call for cooperation with Honorary Reporter

We at News of the World network are eager to take advantage of public and individual’s capacity as a crowd sourcing effort to join us at NOW to cover international developments for the sake of humanity, human rights and global awakening in issues affecting our lives at world level.

NOW slogan; you’ll be the judge

So, if you are studying in journalism, media, international relations or related issues and wish to reflect your works in international level join us as honorary reporter.

Now, is a worldwide network covering world news globally via satellite, Cable, Antenna, Streaming systems, and related websites. Your selected works will be broadcasted via the network.

The issues to cover:

1 - Recent conflicts and war of Israel against Palestinians

       - Worldwide support for Gaza and Palestinians under attack of Israel (including public demonstrations, academic, celebrities, politicians, famous figures support for Palestinians in numerous countries, worldwide condemnation of Palestinians under massacre and genocide by Israel, etc.)

     - Main stream and global media coverage, interviews with famous figures on the above subject.

2 - Recent conflicts in red sea; Yemen’s support for Palestine and US-UK strikes on Yemen

    - Political, economic, international complications for Yemen’s support for Palestine by stopping vessels destined to Israel

    - View points of world figures and media on this issue

   - Which global figures are for Yemen and who are against it

3- Global energy security after Russia-Ukraine war

     - Different view points from different main stream media and figures, politicians, economists, international relations experts, and so on relevant to the subject

4- Recent global developments with formation of new economic blocks such as BRICS.

    - Consequences of de-dollarization from international transactions, oil and gas sale, barter trade and so on that will lead to further weakening of dollar supremacy in global trade

5- Recent developments after South Africa filed the case against Israel in ICJ for Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip

    - Which world figures support the case and who are against it?

    - What are the international developments after this action of South Africa?

Whose works Do we except for broadcast?

- Quality of the recorded videos (length of the interviews or reports, audio -video clarity, importance and relevance of the event and the interviewee

- Timeliness of the report in terms of the time interval between the recorded work and delivery


To Join “NOW”

1- Email your resume.

2- Pass through early screening.

3- Pass the online tutorials.

4- Fill, sign and return of the "commitments form".

5- Send us your first trial video.

6- Receive the badge and ID for "NOW honorary report"

Contact Us: [email protected]