U.N. Backs U.S. Ceasefire Plan Between Israel and Hamas

U.N. Backs U.S. Ceasefire Plan Between Israel and Hamas
U.N. Backs U.S. Ceasefire Plan Between Israel and Hamas

The UN Security Council backed a US-proposed ceasefire plan between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, urging the Palestinian militants to accept the deal aimed at ending the eight-month war.

Hamas welcomed the resolution adopting President Biden's three-phase plan, which he described as an Israeli initiative, saying it is ready to cooperate on principles consistent with Palestinian demands.

Russia abstained from the vote, while the 14 other council members voted in favor of the resolution supporting Biden's May 31 plan. It welcomes the proposal, notes Israel's acceptance, calls on Hamas to agree, and urges both sides to implement it without delay or conditions.

Algeria, the only Arab council member, supported the resolution as a "step forward" offering "a glimmer of hope" to halt the killing in Gaza.  

The plan details that if negotiations take longer than six weeks for the first phase, the ceasefire continues as long as talks continue.

However, Russia wanted more clarity on what Israel specifically agreed to, not wishing to sign up to "vague parameters" despite understanding Arab support.

An Israeli diplomat reiterated its goals were freeing hostages, destroying Hamas' capabilities and ensuring Gaza does not threaten Israel, blaming Hamas alone for the war's continuation.

The council previously demanded an immediate ceasefire and unconditional hostage release. Mediators have tried for months to broker a truce as Hamas seeks a permanent end to the war and Israeli withdrawal from blockaded Gaza.

Israel retaliated after a Hamas attack on October 7 killed over 1,200 people and took 250-plus hostages, according to Israel. Over 37,000 Palestinians have been killed, Gaza says.