Apple Unveils "Apple Intelligence" AI Technology

Apple Unveils "Apple Intelligence" AI Technology
Apple Unveils "Apple Intelligence" AI Technology

Apple unveiled its AI technology, called Apple Intelligence, which will be integrated across its suite of apps, as it aims to become the face of generative AI for consumers and gain an edge over rival Microsoft.

The company said the technology will power new tools including those that can generate text and images and have the ability to retrieve and analyze information across its range of apps.

The company is also expected to showcase a revamped Siri voice assistant and a possible tie-up with ChatGPT owner OpenAI at its annual developers conference.

Apple began the event by offering details on the latest operating system for its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and iPhone. It said that iOS 18, the software powering its flagship device, makes the iPhone home screen more customizable and includes improved versions of its in-house apps.

Apple has been using AI behind the scenes for years to power features on its devices, such as the ability of its watches to detect crashes and falls. But it has been reluctant to tout how this technology boosts functionality in its devices, as Microsoft has done with the help of its early bet on OpenAI.

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled a new AI-focused chip in its latest iPad Pro models and analysts expect the company to offer details to developers on how they can use the chip's capabilities to support all the new AI computing.

The company may also begin to talk about its own cloud-computing capabilities amid reports that Apple was planning to use its own chips inside data centers for the first time.

By using its own chips for cloud services, Apple can roll out advanced AI features that devices cannot handle alone, without requiring expensive processors from Nvidia. The approach also retains many of Apple's privacy and security features that are baked into the design of its in-house chips.