Google Launches Strategic Partnership in El Salvador

Google Launches Strategic Partnership in El Salvador
Google Launches Strategic Partnership in El Salvador

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, inaugurated the new offices in that Central American country of the American giant Google, which will work with public and private institutions to boost business and modernize education and health.

The arrival of Google takes place after an agreement signed with the Salvadoran government in August 2023 to advance the modernization of the country in the areas of digital government, health and education.

Bukele highlighted that El Salvador already works with technology, and cited as an example that "there is not a single child" in the country who does not have a device with the Google Classroom teaching platform, which "is a great step in digitalization and the improvement of education.

"This day, we are inaugurating the Google offices in El Salvador, let's say the most important physical presence, or the base of operations of Google in El Salvador," Bukele declared when presiding over the opening ceremony in the capital.

Promoting education in the country "is not so fast" and requires many allies, such as "the case of Google, which has the technology that we need," he indicated.

The president announced that over time "new applications and new technologies" will be developed to improve the public health system and for the "modernization" of procedures in institutions such as land, sea and airport customs.

Bukele, who was re-elected in February for a second term, announced that in the "first months" of his next government, which begins June 1, he will launch a "telemedicine" system powered by Google.

He also includes, among other projects, the installation of "a data center in El Salvador", which will be a "million-dollar investment" by Google, he emphasized.

For his part, the president of Google Cloud for Latin America, Eduardo López, assured that the commitment to El Salvador is "long-term."