Dembele Urges Voting Amid France's Political Turmoil

Dembele Urges Voting Amid France's Political Turmoil
Dembele Urges Voting Amid France's Political Turmoil

France forward Ousmane Dembele said the political situation in France had alarm bells ringing and called on people to go out and vote. After French President Emmanuel Macron called a snap election following bad electoral results during the European Elections, France is due to vote for a new parliament at the end of June.

Dembele spoke during a press conference ahead of the Euro 2024 in Germany where the French team hopes to win a European Championship title after being knocked out in the last 16 by Switzerland on penalties during the 2021 tournament.

France star Ousmane Dembele admitted the political situation in the country had "set alarm bells ringing" and said he and his teammates intended to vote in upcoming legislative elections even if they are still involved at Euro 2024 in Germany.

"We need to mobilize to get out and vote," Dembele told reporters at the French team's training base in western Germany where they are preparing for their opening European Championship game against Austria.

"I think the situation in France has set alarm bells ringing. Everyone needs to rally round and come together to vote."

"I was watching the news not long ago and I saw that one in every two people in France doesn't vote, so everyone needs to vote in the legislative elections," added Dembele, the former Barcelona winger now playing back in France for Paris Saint-Germain.

The French squad will still be in Germany at the time of the election, provided they make it beyond the group stage.

The first round of the election is set to take place the same weekend as the last 16 of Euro 2024, while the second round comes just after the quarter-finals.

However, Dembele said the French Football Federation was planning to help players set up a proxy vote if they remained in Germany at the time.