Hamilton Brings F1 Thrills to the Heart of New York

Hamilton Brings F1 Thrills to the Heart of New York
Hamilton Brings F1 Thrills to the Heart of New York

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has paid tribute to fans who came out in force to witness F1 history in New York.

The seven-time world champion has made a number of appearances in the Big Apple this week as he prepares for this weekend's Miami Grand Prix.

New York City's Fifth Avenue transformed into a stage for a thrilling performance by seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton. The famed racing star showcased his skills by speeding down the avenue, even executing daring donuts just outside the iconic Empire State Building.

For Hamilton, this moment was his New York City come true.

"It's great to see also how much the people here in America have embraced our sport," said Hamilton.

"It's a huge, huge deal. I mean, I grew up watching movies and, you know, 'Trading Places' and 'Coming to America' and dreaming of one day coming to New York. And then I eventually came and visited this building with my mom when I was 17. I never looked down and thought, 'Okay, one day I'm going to drive a Formula One car up Fifth Avenue," he said.

The eye-catching stunt was part of a promotional effort to spotlight the partnership between Hamilton's Mercedes F1 team and WhatsApp, and their growing presence in the US market.

Hamilton described the experience as "very surreal" and appreciated the warm reception from American fans.

 "I was told not to do donuts," he admitted. "I heard that the mayor had asked us not to do it. But it was very short. And if I'd just driven up, firstly, I don't have very good turning in this thing. So, you can't do, like, an easy U-turn. So I had to do donuts. But that also creates a spectacle, and I think that gets people energized."

Despite being advised against it, Hamilton felt compelled to add a dramatic flair to his appearance.