Lebanese Mourn Victims of Israeli Strike

Lebanese Mourn Victims of Israeli Strike
Lebanese Mourn Victims of Israeli Strike

Lebanese carry the flag-draped coffins of four people killed in an Israeli strike near a cafe in the southern town of Naqoura.

Since the outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel on October 7, the Lebanese-Israeli border has witnessed a near-daily exchange of fire between Israel's army and Lebanon's Shiite movement Hezbollah, a Hamas ally.

Lebanon's Hezbollah movement announced the deaths of eight of its members after a day of cross-border fire with Israel that left at least 16 people dead.

Hezbollah said it had fired a barrage of rockets into northern Israel after its neighbor carried out a deadly strike on southern Lebanon.

One Israeli civilian was killed by the rocket fire.

Hezbollah, an ally of Palestinian militant group Hamas, has exchanged near-daily cross-border fire with the Israeli army since Hamas gunmen launched an unprecedented attack on southern Israel on October 7 triggering war in Gaza.

The movement said four of its fighters and two rescuers were killed, while its ally the Amal movement said it had lost two members, including a rescuer.

An official from the Jamaa Islamiya militant group had earlier said that seven "rescuers" were killed in Israeli strikes.

Hezbollah said its fighters fired "dozens of rockets" at Kiryat Shmona following what it called "the massacre committed by the Zionist enemy (Israel)" in the south Lebanon village of Habariyeh.

The emergency response arm of Jamaa Islamiya, a Lebanese militant group closely linked to Hamas, said "a number" of people were killed in the overnight Israeli strike in Habariyeh.

The Israeli military said the target of the strike was "a military compound" and those killed were Jamaa Islamiya militants.

It said a "significant operative" and other members of the group were planning attacks against Israel at the time of the strike.