Israeli Army Strikes Hezbollah Facility in Lebanon

Israeli Army Strikes Hezbollah Facility in Lebanon
Israeli Army Strikes Hezbollah Facility in Lebanon

The Israeli army released footage showing what they said were strikes on a Hezbollah military facility in southern Lebanon.

The Israel Defense Forces said the Hezbollah military complex that Israeli jets struck near the village of Aitaroun was a logistical reinforcement unit used to smuggle weapons into Lebanon. The strikes were conducted in response to the downing of an Israeli drone over Lebanon, they added.

Lebanon's state news agency NNA reported an Israeli air strike on the outskirts of Aitaroun in southern Lebanon killed two people. Israel's IDF said in a statement that its soldiers had identified a Hezbollah militant in the area of Aitaroun and shortly afterward an Israeli aircraft had struck the individual.

The Israel-Lebanon border has seen an uptick in hostilities over the past week, with both the Israeli military and Hezbollah striking locations outside the border strip where the exchanges of fire have been concentrated, and with increased intensity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) supplied northern Gaza's Al-Awda and Kamal Adwan hospitals with fuel and medical supplies.

Footage released by the WHO showed health workers unloading the aid from trucks at the hospitals located in Jabalia and Beit Lahia respectively.

The collapse in Gaza's health system in the face of massive Israeli bombardment has complicated a host of other unfolding disasters, from the hunger crisis to spreading disease.

It has left those with chronic conditions unable to access basic care.

But the war has also brought sudden influxes of badly injured people to the few remaining hospitals even as they struggle to access medical supplies, overwhelming doctors and nurses coping with restricted space and terrible injuries.