Gaza Refugee Camp Bombed Amid Escalating Conflict

Gaza Refugee Camp Bombed Amid Escalating Conflict
Gaza Refugee Camp Bombed Amid Escalating Conflict

Israeli forces bombarded a Gaza refugee camp after a deadly strike on a UN-run school there, as the war sparked by Hamas's unprecedented attack on Israel entered its ninth month.

The conflict has killed thousands, devastated much of Gaza, displaced most of its 2.4 million people and put them at risk of starvation. Ceasefire efforts seem stalled, just a week after US President Biden offered a new roadmap that Hamas has not yet responded to.

At least 37 people were killed in a strike on the UN school in Nuseirat camp, which was "hit without warning" while sheltering displaced Gazans, according to UNRWA. Israel said it killed 9 "militants" hiding in classrooms.

The UN chief called the strike "horrific" as strikes continued across Gaza. The US urged transparency from its ally Israel, which accuses Hamas of using civilian sites as bases.

A Gaza mayor was killed. Witnesses reported Israeli strikes in several areas as Gaza came under attack from land, sea and air. The Israeli military said it "eliminated dozens of militants."

Biden proposed a 6-week truce to swap hostages for Palestinian prisoners and allow more Gaza aid, backed by world leaders. But Hamas dismissed it as "just words" amid disagreement over demands like a full Israeli withdrawal.

The siege and destruction have caused a dire humanitarian crisis in blockaded Gaza. A temporary pier for aid delivery was recently repaired after storm damage as land routes remain a priority.

The war was sparked by Hamas's October 7 attack that killed 1,194 people, mostly civilians. Israel's retaliation has killed at least 36,731 Gazans, also mainly civilians according to Hamas authorities.