Massive Blaze at Erbil Oil Refinery Rages Uncontrolled

Massive Blaze at Erbil Oil Refinery Rages Uncontrolled
Massive Blaze at Erbil Oil Refinery Rages Uncontrolled

The massive blaze at an oil refinery in Erbil is yet to be controlled as flames keep raging over 12 hours after the fire broke out. Civil defense teams are scrambling to bring it under control and at least ten have been injured. 

A massive fire broke out at an asphalt storage facility of an oil refinery located on Erbil-Gwer road. The blaze has yet to be brought under control and no casualties have been reported. 

The burning refinery is located along a road where several other refineries are also present, sparking greater fear if the blaze was to spread. 

At least 35 civil defense teams are hard at work in attempts to control the fire, with three fire engines and four tanker trucks having been burned in the process, the civil defense said.

At least ten people were injured as a result of the blaze and are experiencing breathing difficulties.

It is expected to take a long time to control the fire as it will be difficult to extinguish until all the fuel in the facility is burned, according to preliminary information. 

Fires are a perennial concern in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region where safety standards are often lacking. They are especially frequent in the summertime, with the scorching summer heat increasing risks of fires breaking out.

Safety standards are also often ignored in the country, and buildings lack adequate fire extinguishers and emergency facilities such as evacuation routes. 

In October, a fire broke out in an asphalt factory near Sulaimani province’s Arbat town, killing one worker and injuring three others.

A total of 7,546 fire incidents were recorded across the Kurdistan Region in 2022, according to data from the Region’s Police Directorate.