European Cyber Cup: Ethical Hackers Hunt Drug Dealer

European Cyber Cup: Ethical Hackers Hunt Drug Dealer
European Cyber Cup: Ethical Hackers Hunt Drug Dealer

Tracking down a drug dealer is one of the challenges facing the 200 ethical hackers taking part in the fourth edition of the European Cyber Cup (EC2).

During the Cyber Security Forum in Lille, students and professionals compete for two days following the model of an eSport competition.

It's an opportunity to "promote" the cybersecurity field, which is suffering from a shortage of applicants.

There are over 15,000 vacancies to be filled in this sector, which is still relatively unknown to the general public.

Around 200 students and young cybersecurity professionals compete in Lille, in an event that focuses on an esports tournament atmosphere to generate enthusiastic vocations.

Leaning on their screens and encouraged by their coaches in a large room lit with blue and red neon lights at the Grand Palais in Lille, the members of the 20 teams participating in the 4th edition of the European Cyber Cup are gathered for two days of competition organized by the Incyber forum on cybersecurity.

These events “very clearly reflect moments that can be found in a professional life”, specifies Sébastien Bombal, honorary president of the competition and technical director at French customs. “This is typically the type of job that a cybersecurity professional might be required to do.”

Moreover, it is not uncommon for representatives of the largest companies in the sector, coming to the show to present their new products, to sneak into the aisles to identify potential recruits in a context of "enormous lack of resources on the market of work", according to Bombal.

In a study published in March by the Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky, almost a third of European companies say they face a shortage of qualified professionals in this field. Globally, this figure rises to 41%.